Friday, September 11, 2009

BigHugeLabs Photo Fun

I see lots of promotional uses for the tools that BigHugeLabs provides. These fun photo tools can be used in online newsletters, homepages, games and learning activities. Unique images for newsletters can be created with the Billboard tool. Your library could offer Wallpaper for pc's and cellphones that highlights library features or offerings.

For games and learning activities, the answer to a trivia question could be presented in the form of a puzzle made from a picture of the answer. The difficulty of the puzzle could be adjusted based on the level of the audience.

Users could also be invited to submit their favorite images for use in the library website. If there are separate youth and adult services, user entries could be showcased in their respective areas both online and in print on site. Printing out winning entries and showcasing them around the library could invite more user participation as well.

BigHugeLabs as well as other photo editing tools are great sites to keep in your toolbox as you are looking for ways to jazz up the routine.

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