Thursday, September 17, 2009

Delicious Pages

The social bookmarking site Delicious has received a lot of hype in recent years. Although I have experimented with the site, I have found that it is just not very useful to me. I do not frequently use computers that are not my own so I have no real need to carry my bookmarks with me "wherever I go." I have found that adding Delicious to my browser toolbar clutters my screen and adds a minimal amount of functionality to the browser.

For a static list of websites that a group of people may want to consult, why not create a wiki? The amount of effort that goes into effectively adding a link to Delicious is more time than I want to spend. If I really like the website, I'll just add it in a folder on my bookmarks tab. The folders do all I need them to in terms of organization. I rarely share links to sites I find interesting with my friends - it goes along with not forwarding those chain emails I get. However, a library could choose to create Delicious tags based on their catalog or other terms. Yet, I still think that listing these sites by category or question in wiki format would be more helpful to users. Or, if the sites are mainly news related, perhaps the library homepage should have an editable space for relevant media stories.

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