Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The end of the stick

I have now come to the final Thing on the Stick. What a relief! I am actually surprised at how many of the Things I was already familiar with. I did not really think of myself as being very immersed in the 2.0 world. However, as I further think about my friends who are not very computer savvy, I realize that I am definitely leading the pack in terms of involvement online (which is ironic because I'm such an introvert compared to them). Yet, I also have friends and relatives who are even more immersed in the online social networking world.

My favorite discovery along the way was making my iGoogle page even more customized so that I can keep up with more RSS feeds in one location. I also enjoyed playing with the photo editing programs because I could see how these would be useful in promotional materials. The youtube "Plain English" was a great find as well.

My least favorite activity was definitely blogging. I have little use for sharing my personal discoveries in an environment that is already overflowing with the voices of the multitudes. I could see using a blog in a library setting for sharing news and tips, but I don't like putting my personal ramblings out in the public eye.

An improvement for this class could be re-creating the 23 Things experience for either an Oklahoma-based audience or for a less geographically restricted audience. Also, the Things may need to be updated a bit as even 2 years in the online environment involves lots of changes, new products, and disappearing products/links.

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