Thursday, October 1, 2009

Face to Facebook

I do happen to love Facebook. I keep up with friends from all over the place there. I am also a part of the ACRL group and the Library 2.0 group.

There are privacy issues when it comes to using social networking tools. If I were to use FB as a librarian, I would definitely start using the filtering tools to keep work and private sharing separate. Right now, it is not an issue for me but many libraries are starting to use FB as a communication tool between branches and departments as well as with the community.

Libraries at the very least need to examine the impact filtering social networking sites has on facility usage and/or public satisfaction. It would be an interesting piece of research to examine this effect. There are some days that I spend WAY too much time there, but I see some of my friends spending even more time there with all the crazy games and apps. Allowing access to social networking sites may change the demand for computer access. If there are not time limits on computer usage, there may need to be to allow greater numbers of users access.

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