Monday, October 5, 2009

Too many networks

This Thing was supposed to be about joining yet another online community. As an introvert, I really can't see joining more than the communities I'm already a part of. Really, do I need to share every part of my life through verbal vomit? Perhaps I don't want the world to know what I'm doing at every moment, every book I've ever read, the hobbies that I'm currently working on, or the flaws in my life. The great thing about online communities is that you get to be as anonymous, real, or fake as you wish. I can also choose how many to be a part of. Just like in my physical world, I choose to be highly involved in 2 or 3 communities or social circles online. For one, I just can't squeeze in much more than that and feel true to the community. Second, I have no desire to be part of a group just because I can be.

Social networks are great, but I will continue to be selective in how I utilize them and how much I'm willing to share on them. I value my privacy in the virtual world as much as in the real world.

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